String Art

I’m so excited about this craft!! I have been waiting try some string art for a couple months now. This is just my practice I plan on doing a couple of large skulls in the future (will post pictures when completed).

What you need:

  • Coloured String.
  • Hammer
  • Pattern printed out
  • Nails with a lipped edge on it to hold on the string


This is a little different from the normal crafts I make, I usually don’t need power tools. To start the project. I had to cut the wood with an electric saw. You can buy wood or find pre-cut wood. I also thought about looking for wooden trays or cutting boards to use.


Once you have your desired piece of wood place your printed-out pattern onto the wood. Secure it with tape at the back so it doesn’t move around.

Now the fun part start nailing!

Once you have hammered in all the nails in and can rip off the pattern. Make sure to get all the little pieces off before you start stringing.

Grab your coloured string and make a little note at your starting point to secure it. Start by outlining the design. Next you can string in the center. You can do clean lines or just crazy, that’s up to you.

Hope you like this project, leave me a comment on what you think.

Stay weird you crazy crafters!

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