Plaster Skulls

These skulls were another cousin-crating project. They are super easy to make the only down side is that you need to order the molds online. If your serious about making your own skulls I really suggest picking one up.

All you do is mix up plaster, as per the instructions on the bag. I think you can also use these molds with cement or for baking projects (if you don’t put plaster in it). When you pour the plaster in the mold pour slow and shake it down as you go to get all the bubbles out. This part may be easier to do with two people. Once you finished pouring set the skull somewhere and let in dry for 4 hours. Once the plaster is dry roll mold off skull.

I spray painted my skulls afterwards but you can do whatever your black heart desires.

Be careful when you set your mold. We ended up suspending the mold in a bucket with pieces of wood. If you aren’t careful then you might ruin the shape of the skull. The mold is rubber so it will warp if its leaning against something.

If anyone wants the link the purchase the skulls molds let me know in the comment.

Keep calm and craft inappropriately my friends!!

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