Perler beads horror style


Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface

Last weekend I decided to take it back to the ’90s and do some perler bead crafting.You may remember perler beads from when you were young. I absolutely loved doing these when I was a kid but they can be super fun as an adult also. Since I love horror movies I found some patterns on Pinterest for a couple of my favorite horror movie villains. I’m so happy with the way they turned out.

Basically, perler beads are little colored beads. You take the beads and strategically place them on a perler bead board, which is a plastic board with pegs in it.

perler beads in process

You can pretty much make any design you want with perler beads. Animals, plants, geometric shapes, if you can think it up you can probably make it out of perler beads.

Once your design is set out then you place the per supplied paper (you can also use parchment paper) onto of your design and iron away. Press down steady and firmly, its easy to knock your beads around so be careful. I ended up setting my iron on a higher temperature then suggest, for me it worked better but this may differ between brands/ models of irons.

The box of perler beads cost me around $26.99 at Michael’s Craft Store but I did have a 50% off coupon. The board was $17.99 at Michael’s. I couldn’t find one at the Walmart or any dollar stores in my area so it was my only option. I did however find a bunch of on-sale mini perler bead collects at Michael’s, they were only $2 each so I grabbed a couple and they also came with mini perler boards.

These are the perler beads I used

Side note: Anyone who doesn’t have the Michael’s app totally needs to go get it. They always have coupons on there and you can scan it right off your phone.

The down fall to this craft is that it is time consuming to pick through all the colors to get what you need. You can buy packs of just one color but I didn’t want to spend that much money. The project cost a little more expensive then I thought it would be but once you have all the supplies they should last a while.

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane as much as i did!

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