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String Art

I’m so excited about this craft!! I have been waiting try some string art for a couple months now. This is just my practice I plan on doing a couple of large skulls in the future (will post pictures when completed). What you need: Coloured String. Hammer Pattern printed out Nails with a lipped edge on it to hold on the string   This is a little different from the normal crafts I make, I usually don’t need power tools. To start the project. I had to cut the wood with an electric saw. You can buy wood or find pre-cut wood. I also thought about looking for wooden trays or cutting boards to use.   Once you have your desired piece of wood place…

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Plaster Skulls

These skulls were another cousin-crating project. They are super easy to make the only down side is that you need to order the molds online. If your serious about making your own skulls I really suggest picking one up. All you do is mix up plaster, as per the instructions on the bag. I think you can also use these molds with cement or for baking projects (if you don’t put plaster in it). When you pour the plaster in the mold pour slow and shake it down as you go to get all the bubbles out. This part may be easier to do with two people. Once you finished pouring set the skull somewhere and let in dry for 4 hours. Once the plaster…

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Trophy Wife Apron

This is an old project I did last year. I had been wanting to make these trophy wife aprons from quite some time. I saw them all over the net and just think they are so cute. My cousin decided as a birthday present she would get this great designer material and we would make these beautiful aprons. My cousin made the pattern for this project. If anyone is interested in the measurements and instructions for this project let me know in the comments. If I get enough interest, then I will write them out.

Glitter Wine Glasses

  What you will need: Wine glasses Sparkles (I prefer to use fine sparkles) Sponge brushes Painters tape Mod Podge *optional – Stickers For this project I used a .5oz (15gm) bottle of sparkles. First start by thoroughly cleaning your wine glasses. If they are not clean the mod podge and sparkles won’t stick properly. Now tape off the rim of the glass with the painter’s tape. You want to leave enough room for someone to comfortable drink out of it. At this point you can place any stickers you want onto the wine glass to achieve your desired look. Now you can start applying mod podge. I suggest putting a couple table spoons into a dish, mod podge tends to dry out fast. Apply…

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Perler beads horror style

  Last weekend I decided to take it back to the ’90s and do some perler bead crafting.You may remember perler beads from when you were young. I absolutely loved doing these when I was a kid but they can be super fun as an adult also. Since I love horror movies I found some patterns on Pinterest for a couple of my favorite horror movie villains. I’m so happy with the way they turned out. Basically, perler beads are little colored beads. You take the beads and strategically place them on a perler bead board, which is a plastic board with pegs in it. You can pretty much make any design you want with perler beads. Animals, plants, geometric shapes, if you can think it…

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Welcome to the nightmare

“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.” – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) If you are the type of person who roots for the villain in the movies, wears all black on Friday the 13th, makes people uncomfortable with your dark humor and loves Halloween then this is the place for you. Welcome to Nightmare on Craft Street where all the crafts are filled with dark humor. This craft blog is meant for people like me who can’t stand how boring all the craft sites are these days. This is not a mommy/baby or grandma craft site. I want a craft site that uses skulls and spikes on everything. I want to see horror related crafts and swear words on my cross stitching. This craft blog…

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